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The advent of globalization has dramatically accelerated the pace at which international business is conducted.

With this momentum has come a corresponding call on service operations and technology to meet tomorrow’ international trading demands today.

Across the country … around the world.
Globally Orientated, Locally Dominant.



Identifying this demand in the shipping, freight forwarding, customs clearing, warehousing, transport and distribution sectors – and appreciating the challenges these demands present – Nkama Freight and Logistics Services Ltd. has established a wholly South African owned black empowered enterprise that offers customers the care, capacity and capability to successfully deliver the goods personally and professionally.



An international network of agents, partners and associate operations ensures that NFLS Logistics is globally positioned to offer customers personalized hands on service and support during all phases of the project, no matter where in the world a consignment is destined. It is an international network that not only ensures the facilitation of the most advanced freight and forwarding technology, but is positioned to call upon specialist skills when required, as well as taking into account the need to work within cultural and trading boundaries.

In keeping with the commitment of the NFLS Group to black empowerment and uplifting the historically disadvantaged peoples of South Africa, a dedicated and independent black controlled company has been established in which NFLS Logistics has a minority stake. The B-BBEE scorecard for this associated company, namely African Transit, confirms the certified status of Level One.


With more than a hundred years of shipping and financial experience in their combined portfolios, the directors of NFLS Logistics bring a wealth of financial and shipping experience to the boardroom table.

Their ability to bring market related practicality to the corporate decision-making process is a key component in the success of the enterprise.




Words for our Trusted Clients


There are a Hundreds of Freight and Logistics agencies and companies, But the big question still is Why Choose Us

Two distinct elements combine to deliver the operational excellence we demand of ourselves: Business Process Management and Business Process Improvement.

Business Process Management defines the methodology and approach which provides visibility to, and controls the process.

Business Process Improvement  increases value by improving the process – enhancing quality, service levels and productivity, and implementing cost reduction initiatives, to achieve the desired result.

Both elements can be applied to the air and ocean business lines, making them valuable multi-modal processes.

1. Quality

In simple terms, this sets out the standards and responsibilities. It evaluates compliance to defined standards and follows up on any corrective action required.  At the same time it defines metrics and targets which are required to monitor operational performance and identify improvement opportunities.


This is our structured and continuous improvement program for eliminating waste.  It’s a way to manage our business, reduce costs and at the same time improve the quality of services we provide to customers.  Greater flexibility and reliability result from adopting LEAN methods, which comprise a number of complementary approaches which we can apply to all areas of the business.

3. BPR (Business Processes Re-engineering)

This is a new way of doing business starting with a blank sheet of paper.  NFLS uses BPR for both internal and external requirements. It is applied alongside LEAN to enable the structured, continuous improvement of a process.  BPR is deployed when an entirely different or new approach is required, or where an existing process needs upgrading to a much higher standard than already exists.

The goal of NFLS’s Business Process Excellence team is to create a workforce of problem solvers. Everyone shares the same aims: improvement in quality, delivery and cost for our Contract Logistics customers.

LEAN is a key part of this strategy and its principles are applied across all NFLS functions and departments. Standard governance ensures a common approach to our business across the globe, while retaining the flexibility to adapt to local markets, needs and opportunities.

BPE enables us to employ best practice across our 17 global clusters, monitoring the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) used in each area.  It’s a constantly-evolving process in which we adapt as we grow and develop our customer relationships.

1. Quality Assurance

All our customers set out extensive quality requirements, and we have both the experience and the flexibility to manage the most complex of these.Our internal quality management program provides both the structure and the tools to deliver quality assurance for every customer.

The conformance of service is monitored throughout using KPIs, which may be unique to the customer, or standardized based on operation type. We work very closely with our customers to develop new metrics specific to their business, and set performance goals and targets to fully monitor service delivery.

2. Continuous improvement

LEAN is our structured, continuous improvement program for eliminating waste.

All our supervisors undertake a week-long LEAN training course so they understand how it works, and how to implement it in their daily work – to ensure each team can actively achieve several “kaizens” a year. Every NFLS site around the globe participates in the LEAN program.

“Kaizen” simply means a change for the better. We encourage all our staff to participate, because every idea and each individual input can make a difference. By embedding this culture of continual, aligned small improvements and standardization, we can yield important gains in productivity.

As part of the program, managers are trained in Kaizen. This includes every NFLS employee from warehouse worker to CEO, and is applied across all departments.

Each year the individual or team with the best Kaizen is presented with an award by NFLS’s CEO. Since the program commenced  NFLS employees have processed over 47,000 Kaizens.

3. Project implementation

Our aim is to have a Zero Defect Start-Up (ZDS) once a new customer is welcomed onboard. The NFLS ZDS team provides project management expertise set in a single framework of documents for all NFLS businesses.

Within its structure, tasks are identified, project owners put in place and timelines set. The ZDS team aims to avoid any duplication of effort or re-working, and reduce implementation expenses.

Site Classification Assessment (SCA) and Business Process Governance

Through Site Classification Assessment, we demonstrate to our customers the scale of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our performance management team defines and governs the company’s standards for all continuous improvement processes. They also support the revision of processes where required, and can create or improve compliance mechanisms NFLS-wide.

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